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Dhir Jakharia

Devious Lord

Devious Lord

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One of the best lion sightings of my life. While on safari, I stumbled upon two huge male lions lying down with their stomachs looking like they had a satisfying meal.

They were lying down next to a bush that gave them some shade. As it got hotter, the lions moved to a bigger bushy area; where shade was plenty. Just before they headed back to sleep, this lion, in particular, gave my lens an immensely destructive stare for a lasting 5 seconds.


All B&W prints are printed on Giclee Hanhemule Pearl Paper.

MEDIUM: 16" * 24" (+0.3" border)

LARGE: 24" * 36" (+0.5" border)

EXTRA LARGE: 40" * 60" (no border)


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