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Join me on a photography tour

Discover the beauty of Kenyan nature while perfecting your photography techniques to achieve stunning images

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Important info for participants

Required level: The tours are open to all wildlife/photography enthusiasts. (Beginners, semi pro's or pros)

What to expect from me: I will personally give insights on various photography techniques that would help you capture stunning images. Areas of discussion include: composition, editing, camera settings, animal behaviour, lighting, etc.

Different from regular tourist tours: For our tours, we focus more on quality rather than quantity. We prioritise spending more time with animals, observing them and exploring different technical angles to create great photos.

Photography tailored vehicles and guides: Our local safari guides are highly trained and experienced that also thoroughly understand photographer's needs.

Number of people per vehicle: During safari, we maximise 3 participants per vehicle (including myself but excluding the driver) to ensure each person gets enough space and freedom to capture photos during key moments.

Respect to animals: We give priority to conducting responsible safaris by respecting the animals in their habitat.

Typical Photo Tour Itinerary


A regular photo tour includes a 7 day safari in Maasai Mara with an additional option to extend 3 days for Amboseli.

DAY 1: Welcome to Kenya! You will be picked up from the airport and dropped to the a hotel in Nairobi where you’ll be spending one night.

DAY 2: After having breakfast at your hotel, we will head towards Maasai Mara via road. (4-5hr drive)

However we do have an option for flights for an additional fee(Around 1hr flight from Nairobi).

Upon arrival, we will be welcomed by our local safari guides and vehicles and check in to our camp/lodge. After having lunch, we will start our first evening safari till 6:30 PM. When we return to our accommodation, we will have our dinner and rest for the next day.

DAY 3 - DAY 7: For these days, we can collectively decide on whether to do full day safaris or not.

For full day safaris:

We start early morning at 6:30 AM till 6:30 PM evening. Both our breakfast and lunch will be packed and eaten in the wild.

For half day safaris:

We will start morning safaris at 6:30 AM, to catch the golden hour. After the sun rises, we will have a bush breakfast in the wild at around 9:00 AM. Then continue our safari till 11 AM. After that, we will return to our accommodation for some rest and lunch. Then, again we will return for safari from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM.


When we come back from our evening safaris at 6:30 PM, we can have a sit down and review our images together.

We will discuss:

  • Shooting techniques
  • Post processing
  • Camera settings
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Animal behaviour

As we do this every day, we will have a lot to learn, as well as have something to apply and looking forward for the next day.

DAY 8:

We will do our usual morning safari and breakfast. After that, we will check out from our accommodation, and get back to Nairobi.

OPTIONAL DAY 9-11: Safari at Amboseli.

Price estimations and inclusions

For a 7 day tour, the price ranges from USD $3,850 - $4,600 per person. The additional option to extend for Amboseli for 3 days would cost USD $1,000 - $1,400.

Price includes:

  • Airport pick up/drop off
  • Car ride to the Mara from Nairobi and back
  • 6 nights accommodation at a safari camp in Maasai Mara with all 3 meals daily.
  • 7 days safari with local driver and myself
  • All daily Maasai Mara park fees
  • 1 night hotel accommodation at Nairobi so you can rest upon arrival

Price excludes:

  • International round-trip flights
  • Optional purchase of souvenirs
  • Hard drinks

Customisable private tours

If you wish to experience a photo tour by yourself or with your group, we can certainly customise the tours.

You can get in touch with me by providing the following details :

  • Number of people
  • Number of days at the location (Masai Mara/Amboseli)
  • Dates

Once sent, I will get back to you with a quotation.

In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to my Instagram, email or submit below