About me

About Dhir Jakharia
My name is Dhir Jakharia...
A young man on a journey to aspire and connect the hearts of our world to the raw nature of Africa, through my lens and into your eyes.
Kenya and other countries in Africa have been typically stereotyped as a hub of poverty and low standards of living. Hidden behind it all is the beauty it holds and its very rich culture. It’s beautiful grasslands allow people the opportunity to step back from their busy lives and reconnect with nature; keeping us in the peaceful present.
Having lived in Kenya all my life, I was born with wildlife all around me. It didn’t hit me until recently that I live in one of the world’s most beautiful countries: KENYA! A country that has so much wildlife and beauty, that it attracts people from all over the world just for its wildlife. Fortunately, I had it in my backyard the whole time, and it just made me realize that nature is calling! In pursuit of the beauty this land holds.
I simply picked up a camera, hopped onto the Safari of Life, and never looked back...